December 24, 2006

Malaysia, truly Asia

in a bout of madness and spontaenity, this is a pathetic but optimistic campaign to propel Malaysia to you. the rubber duckies serve no real purpose but for its cute eye-pleasing effect, at least to me. they remind me of a bathtub.

the land of eternal sunshine and rain welcomes Christmas and New Year with Visit Malaysia 2007 and Cicakman, amongst other things. If you fancy a tan, a mosquito bite (but no stubborn big flies that go for your face!), driving challenges, great food, even greater people and a bustling nightlife, this is the place to be.

all you need is tolerance, a little money and a huge apetite for all things good=]

and that's when you end up looking like little miss me, bloated with the over-consumption of anything edible. exhausted, exposed and elated that im making full use of my summer break.

updates next round.