February 27, 2006

birthday wishes

to the cheeky monkey who relentlessly insulted me and talked crap with all the time, this post is a tribute to you.

happy 20th birthday chew k hong..

we had our good times, all the way from 4 cekap to 5 omega to m2.

we've gone through so much havent we?take care, and here's to a fab 2006!

February 25, 2006


The Flagstaff Gardens is full of secrets late at night...

especially after yum cha sessions.

possums in sight.

On another note, Manuela had a little do at our place on the 23rd. A feast to celebrate her birthday and mourn her departure. Babe, you have been such a soulful joy to talk to.I'll miss you!

A glimpse of some of the food. MIA: German tiramisu, Vietnamese spring rolls (Hannah), Strawberry cake from Crown Cafe (courtesy of the guys). Fab dinner, filled to the brim. Ps- all HOME MADE.

Ladies lets go
Hannah from Vietnam, Vyanne, Me, Manuela the birthday girl

Cendrix from Vietnam, Jiyang, Ji from Thailand(who gave us beautiful Thai pants for souvenirs), Manuela from Germany.

...an international gathering of all sorts. Topics range from the infamous 'Black Forest' in Germany, Thai floating markets, Vietnamese spring rolls, an American who struck a $443million lottery but never collected it and hot deals at the Docklands apartments. Amusing bunch, and I think they made quite a good impression on both my housemates.

Treasures have arrived in small forms, but the impact- phenomenal. Housemates have been whipping up the best dishes, from nasi lemak to pancakes to muffins to desserts..while Aunty MoyLee sent an angel with inspirational verses all the way from Malaysia. Yes, I am counting my blessings.

hehe, and have i been cooking? The answer is a resounding YES!

February 22, 2006

cheap thrills

see what shopping, max brenner's and night markets do to you.

..you go back to your old camwhoring ways again.

February 21, 2006

at a glance

i think i am slowly becoming accustomed to this. 'this' = living in a semi-messy room, walking miles to get to uni, crossing gleefully while the cars stop for you, a private pool (and gym), grocery shopping (i went to safeway for the first time today!) and scrumptiliciously fatty gobble-worthy food. think lasagne, pasta, pizza, fries, ice-cream and a whole load of bread.

i think this is a bad sign.

i'm actually coping, good grief. liss is is growing up.

..a taste of sofa beds with blinds. ps-heavenly sight at night.

mummy dearest.

fountains by the crown.

at last, Sue Hui.

the perfect housemates.

Melbourne University is huge. I still get lost around the campus, grr. Many moments to laugh at, off and on campus. I dont know how someone manages to establish the fact that she's blur on the first day of orientation, but I have succeeded. Need lessons, ask me. Stories I prefer to shelter.

I tried the pool downstairs today, wheeee...=] After a good 20 minutes of waiting outside (in shorts and tank, no less) in the cold, strong wind, the four rascals finally leave the pool for tennis. It's the size of an Olympic LANE. Who am I to complain, when I didn't even have such luxury back home? Luxury with a compicated entrance. I was PusHinG and PuLLinG the glass door, sTickinG iN both my room and postbox keys into the lock.. and realized I was going nowhere. A nice chap in the nearby gym got out, strode confidently towards me, and SLiD the damn door open.

The entrance to the swimming pool is one helluva deceiving sliding door.

Goodnight people.I'm off.

February 16, 2006

summer cold

The heat is on. Bring on the tan, bask in the glory of suns of shine, and be prepared to drench yourself in sweat.

..The heat is turned off. Its absence is sorely missed, especially in morning showers and the cold, cold nights.

Hello Melbourne, a very good day to you.

I am a stranger in your familiar land, freezing when you bring the cold, wincing in pain when my new shoes(!!) bruise my heel, take me up, down and under, forgetting there is only so much i can take.

For those of you who knew how homesick i was, dont worry no more.i think i am better. then again, mummy dearest is leaving on monday.*gulp*

Royal Flagstaff's the name to go, but what's the use of a comfy new home without the old warmth?

I miss :

1. Daddy, Nick Nick, Ches & Russ

2. the sweetest babes

3. the hippest, warmest bunch

4. pieces of my jigsaw puzzle..

it's odd, when u've been wanting to break free all this while, u suddenly feel like snuggling into your little nest, never wanting to get out.

Melbourne has been a one week journey of endless walking, fatty foods, excellent sofa beds and beautiful views. amidst the hustle and bustle of the city, you notice people of all sizes who are completely at ease with themselves. perhaps we should learn from them. Will upload more pics from the land down under soon.it is the start of yet another tedious path, not just of assignments and tute work (haha!), but rather of choices and sacrifices that come with it.

Hehe, and now the big question, why a blog?

I say times have changed.