July 28, 2007

of love-hate relationships

it is like hitting the replay button, because the mental wars never stop.

i love you. i hate you.
you're delicious. you're worth 100grams of fat for every mouthful i partake.
you are addictive. you are detrimental to my health.
you let me down. and then you surprise me.
the performance is satisfaction-guaranteed. i just wish i didnt have to watch it with you.
you take up too much time. you are also my most rewarding experience.
you mean the world to me. if only you werent just twirling me around your fingers.
you make me happy. i dont even know you.
you can criticize my values and my reasons. just dont impose yours on me.
frustrating is your middle name. endearing is your first.
you unleash the competitive streak in me.
you also pull my muscles, and i cant walk down the stairs tomorrow.
you are horribly delightful, messing with my mind. i think the lights are so pretty.
you give me headaches and clog my throat. you are my most valid excuse.
i dont ever wanna hear from you again. one call lights up my day.

ironically, the same euphoric highs you get are inevitably going to be as pronounced as the psychotic breakdowns. blast the good times, lets get on to the next adventure.

hoping isnt all that bad, as long as you expect the worst.

July 25, 2007


comes with a price.

a sacrifice, a stoical perseverance that either makes or breaks you.

the ultimate highs. your soul-breaking experiences. the wasted time and captured moments. the friends you hold close to your heart. your lovelies. your excessive consumption of gastronomical delights. your alchohol indulgence. the moments spent running away, from responsibilities.. and reality. your soft spot. the straying temptation. your endless laughter, and streaming tears. your fears unfaced. candid shots. the views beyond your imagination..

..the memory collage is beautiful.

July 06, 2007

the malaysian weekend

exhausted body, exhilarating games, excellent company.

the cumulation of MASCA Games ended in the grand finale Msian Night- where Victoria meets South Australia meets Tasmania meets Queensland meets New South meets Western Australia meets Canberra in a night of traditional glamour.

the Victorian vball team

happy people

dejavu at san remo

sisters beautiful in green

some of the podium takers

matching reds

good ol times

thumbs up

mixed doubles gold!


silver for vball!

the inter-state badminton entourage

we meet again

the natural angle

my lovelies throughout

bite baby

night lights

super martini

what a weekend! i could not have been happier.. it's been awhile.

next up, MelCon!