August 21, 2008

let success be measured by the happiness in your heart

In the midst of little observations and quiet realizations, i found the above quote to be beyond many's reach.

August 09, 2008

Olympics Opening Night 080808

pictures speak louder than words.

Sanlitun Bar Street; the 5 Olympic rings was a spectacular sight, even on the screen

beer, chips and baijiu all around; but we were still hungry for more

Sanlitun Open Area & Worker's Stadium North Gate; where we joined in the endless chants of '加油中国!' till our voices were hoarse

some of the happy people; Australian flag or not, Malaysia still Boleh!

beach volleyball prelims tomorrow, a good chance for a tan!=D

August 02, 2008

Beijing skies

on a typical foggy day, you can stare at the moon head-on, and wonder why it's so huge in evenings, and in a strong orange hue that stands out in the grey sky. okay, so maybe some have told me that it's actually the sun. still, a sight to behold.

on a lazy afternoon, people-watching while leisurely strolling the streets at Beijing's popular spot for its scenic lake views and traditional courtyard houses 四合院. kudos to the guy who sat on his rooftop with a Tsingtao beer in hand; a pretty damn cool way to watch the flurry of activities below.

at a pivotal bridge crossing at Hou Hai 后海

on a spontaneous night, you unexpectedly catch the soothing fountains and night lights along the park, a scenic prelude to witnessing the string of high-end shopping malls coming to life along the streets. and of course, we couldnt resist battling it out in mindless arcade games that provided many laughs and much-needed endorphins.

the Chinese Catholic Church at Wangfujing 王府井

.. and on a clear day, you can even glimpse the far mountains that you never even knew existed, and watch the clouds envelope the CBD in its white and blue glory.

from the 21st floor of LG Twin Towers 双子座大厦

in front of Jianguomenwai Avenue 建国门外大街


crazy beautiful.

just like how friendships are.

even if it's an exhausting talk in between the zooming subways trains, or a long-distance phone call on another sleepless night. or the well-meaning comments, and the casual e-mails.


it's the little things that catch you on your way down. so even if everything isnt okay, there's always something worth living for.

thank yous.