September 25, 2006

the spring break

holidays are misunderstood.
they are not gaping holes in life meant to be filled with activities.
my cave has been overflowing with so much it's so hard to keep track anymore!=[

[Edited] 2nd oct 2006

The AIESEC Leadership Seminar
although late, watching Jack Shearer in action was hugely entertaining. His take on rendang; "your tongue can be arrested for what it does to your mouth." For the leader in you, it was a must-go. But fret not, another one coming soon in Melb Uni!

I-Ball + Afterparty at Velour
what can go wrong with good food, greater company and free flow of drinks for all the happy people? hehe, i was starstruck and silently nursing sore feet balancing on gold heels. watch this page for pics soon!

Puffing Billy + Tulip Festival + Yarra Valley + River Cruise to Williamstown + Chocolate overload at Max Brenners + Shopping + fantabulicious food

mummy dearest spoilt me silly. have been out of the trigger-happy scene for awhile, but the few days playing tourist brought the mind many memories and tummy much fat. Pictures not yet sent to me.

Photography Exhibition at Fed Square
the environmentalist in me came out from under the tempurung to main mata with pictures to drool over. see the world from above! in particular:

pearl white lookalikes = flamingos dotting the coastline

rainbow over the glacier formed between the mountains

Karaoke + Beach Club
impromptu night that started with AIESECers singing their hearts out, went midtempo with dancing, bounced higher with shotting with joyce adn thomas, and ended with us cold-walking the night.

Great Ocean Road
+ a dozen other touristy destinations we were made to visit. hahah melbourne has scenic sites too! loved the beaches, pictures and the waves, abhorred the heat, sitting right at the back of the bus and lunch.

Paintball @ Echuca
omgosh the suit! and the mask! sweat all around, bruises everywhere. fear traumatised 3/4 of thestudykakis, the rest were happily buzzing around shooting deadly pellets of colour into people's asses. an eventful day; bulk of which was spent on the road. the worst lunch. ever. (why are all provided lunches horrible?) verdict: i suck at this game.

Da Vinci Machines- An Exhibition of Genius
a genius indeed. recommended for the hands-on junkie who would like to get her hands dirty with testable machinery and/or the ignorant who would like to broaden her miniscule knowledge.

multi-tasker at her trying best. badminton + volleyball + lousy dodegball combo. interesting day that had all four faculties; Commerce, Law, Medicine, Engineering, working hard to destroy each other in the name of one measly trophy and tons of fun. ICSS triumphed a worthy runner-up. Hurrah!

Royal Melbourne Show
this money-eating funfair frustrated the shit out of softoy-hungry souls and ignited the spirit of rollercoasters. there's a very pretty ferris wheel too. Animal lovers rejoice! watch out for cuddly farm animals and stinky ones. Showbags galore and fireworks extravaganza. If you're lucky, you may go home with a huge soft toy in tow=]

Picasso: Love & War 1935-1945
give at least 2 hours to feast your eyes on pable picasso's artwork and dora maar's photography. the love story that unfolds along with the war. i cannot elaborate on picasso's interesting takes on women and myths as any word i use will be an understatement. see for yourself before the exhibition ends!

..and so the tired traveller rests.

September 17, 2006


you're special because no one knows me the way you do. you're unique because you camwhore with me all the time. you're brain-numbing because you overwork my mind and test my driving (in)abilities. you're persistent with your wants, consistent in your actions and humble for your accomplishments, both on and off the courts. for the boy i used to bruise with my pinches and hair-pulling pranks, happy birthday nick!

no, we do not look alike.

for the angel in you, the cook at work and the mastermind of plans- 20 is a only a small number! volleyball sessions roasting under the sun, trips to the beaches, mindless chats and long overdue catching up. we had a blast before- there will be more to come. happy birthday chien!

p.s. heh sorry pigs, had to crop you out!

memories. pictures after (deleting)pictures after pictures. laughter. gossiping. shopping. talking non-stop. they'll last us a lifetime. i miss the good times, they remind me of how much younger we once were. cheers to the ride to womanhood sarah! wanted this pic.

she dee wee dee! it rhymes so well, i could not resist putting that in. power-packed tough cookie super-pinchable cheeks rosy as anything. bright, cheerful and an optimist. have fun hula-ing in hawaiiii! much love.

September 07, 2006

Running on no-brake wheels

these two weeks, in particular, will be a test of both my mental and physical strength. My all-time favourite battle between MentalChecklist and SuccessfulExecution will now have their deciding round.

CM mid-terms. QM2 asssignment. Meeting with HOD. ACE mid-terms. Meeting with CB Chair of Finance. CPA careers info session. Final week of I-ball ticket sales. Arrival of mummy dearest. I-Ball + Afterparty. Dedication of self to mummy dearest for an entire week. travelling GOOD FOOD goodies yay!

i both long for the break and dread it. The closer it gets the nearer it is to the end of semester (finals + impending age crisis). it's a pity wisdom only comes with time. id love to be stay young and never hit the big twentyhood saga of stretch marks, wrinkles and financial crisis. bwaaaa.

Patriotic Cheapskate No. 1 had a ball of a time at the Higher Education Minister of Malaysia's arrival dinner last night. Besides feigning intelligence and having two helpings of dinner, all Malaysians present had large doses of highly entertaining and substantial discussions and (as Faye put it) a fast-track to local news.

i admire the man who had to face a room full of enthusiastic Malaysian students who hurled questions like no one's business. the man who graciously took some time off the big dinner table of VIPs to chat with the students on the other side of the room. the man who embraced the inquisitive, accusing looks of many and answered all questions with ease. the man who broke the ice in his introductory speech by relating his colourful Melbourne experience 40 years odd ago. the man who stayed back after the session just to have a private discussion with the postgrads. the man who was willing to take a picture with the jackuns joshua, mervin, faye and i! hehe.

Having seen both the scholars and non-scholars in action, i can barely imagine how far the country can go with the youths of today. The paths are many back home. if none are your fancy, carve the road yourself. All of us have the potential to make it happen. A truly enlightening night that ended with two passionate renditions of Negaraku and Tanggal 31. i came home happy and one flag richer.

to the AIESECers who are up for their election runs tonight and this Saturday;
, Heidi and Luca- you all have what it takes to lead the LC, and more. Best of Luck to all of you! i'll be supporting you guys at the elections=]

September 05, 2006

tortoise mania

i thought what in the world had happened to inspire 80% of the MSNers online to include tortoises on their names.

i asked jolene, who said it was for steve irwin.

but steve was a crocodile hunter, not tortoise!

to which she said that tortoises are cute and green.

flabbergasted. huh??

and i was truly, truly amazed. all my friends, both near and far, decided to put tortoises on their nicks just for steve irwin? everyone thought the same thing? tortoises? WOW.

and then yin san had to tell me that it was actually a forwarded message sent to everyone to include tortoises/ turtles as a tribute to steve irwin ! rupa-rupanya bukan.

now im not amazed anymore. sigh.

but here's my tribute to steve irwin. although i only watched a few of the crocodile hunter series, he truly was a man of courage and genuine liveliness. the latter, i've to admire. my condolences to his family, and the millions of people whose hearts he touched.

September 03, 2006

questions unanswered

why do we what we do?

is it simply to derive some form of pleasure from it, or because it has already become routine to us? is it peer pressure, or that we have nothing better to do? is it our guilty conscience, or perhaps the lack of it? could it be that we are all attention-seeking souls with no desire to be left out, and that every instance is a chance to make new friends?

how much of our daily language is littered with vulgarities?

is there a sentence without shit, fuck or damnyou? how about sheesh, i fish you or doinkyou? can you imagine not cursing at all? is it even possible to have our sentences retained at an all-polite level, with nothing harsh or rude or condescending that has insidious effects on others? it comes so naturally, the need to express the extent of situations in so-called emphasizing words.

why isnt there ever enough time in a day?

maybe if we oversleep less, sleep earlier, eat healthier and prioritize more, there would be no more skipping of classes. the timetable would actually run properly, for once. there would be time for work, play, eat, sleep and everything in between. if only we could put into action what we plan. the enemy isnt always procrastination. the enemy is our lack of persistence- we don't try hard enough.

glorious purple skies outside klia

if the ink tubes in pens have weight, does the weight of all our exam papers increase as more and more ink is used up?