October 26, 2007

way up high

leap, jump, shout,
reach for the stars

happiness is remembered in the moments.

October 01, 2007

i quote

one by one, they all left.

some words lose their meaning when said too often. most words have no meaning anymore.

you know you've lost something when you start avoiding people. and online dialogues. and e-mails.

and you find comfort in swirly substances and food.

time has never seemed so scarce.

since when was my tolerance level so low?

i want to be simple-minded. i want to sit down at mr tulk's when it's half full, soak up the sun (no wind please) and read a book.

i want to go back to school.

how could i lose the umbrella?

blood is thicker than water. and that's why time away from fluids is well worth the familial bond.

so i put on weight. big deal. prosperity goes a long way.

i miss everyone. but that just means i have no one here.

whirlwind, this is what this is.