March 31, 2007

the worthy saturday

who says there are 7 days in a week?

the past 2 weeks flew past in one big jumble of a day. i miss having hour- long breakfasts, and then have another post-breakfast meal up on my comfy chair recharging to the wonders of blog-surfing, food nutrition-surfing, or just surfing in general.

so whenever i have the chance, i try to stay at home for as long as i can.

the problem here is, everyone's amazing ability to delay the books as long as humanly possible. i am no different.

it started with a quick trip to victoria market for fruits.

i came home with hands full of fruits, vegetables, nuts, meat and a new top too thin for winter and too thick for summer. somehow that led to rearranging the fridge (which is no easy feat when you have three food junkies in the house), readjusting the temperature (my cucumber is frozen! it's not light green in the middle anymore, it's translucent-ish), munching on generous dosages of green grapes (how come they're so cheap now anyway? the perfect sweet temptation) and then proceeded to stuff myself further with juicy strawberries and yoghurt (i've tried all flavours possible and i've come to realize strawberry yoghurt does it for me). half an hour later, im having toasted bread with double cheese, frozen cucumber and semi-frozen spicy hommus dip (safeway special! $1.99- but there is preservative inside. a once-off tradeoff for a cheap buy?) .

one day, i'll talk about the joys of grocery-shopping. full-on housewife mode last night. right, studykakis?=]

the next hour or so was spent downloading 20 odd songs just so i could choose one nice ringtone to transfer into my bruised-all-over Sony Ericsson dinosaur. Except i had to transfer at least 10 500kb default ringtones into my labtop just so i could delete them off my phone before there was enough space to put ONE SONG in. bleh. but it is worth it. now, instead of the annoying teriyaki boys blasting that same beat over and over again, i now have melodious, rejuvenating Selah's Bless the Broken Road. Rejoice!

i also have a thing for 'personifying' of my room. despite rearranging/ redecorating/ reorganizing my humble abode a million times over, i keep getting urges to make more changes. hence, today's garbage of pictures is the result of 2 hours of hard work. the pictures make me feel so... at home. this must be some obssessive compulsive disorder i have for visual fulfillment therapy. seeing images everywhere sends me into reveries of my own.

any ideas what i should do wtih the gaping space in the middle?
can you believe i saw someone using that exact umbrella? so hawt. was so tempted to ask where she got it.
the safe haven.
titbits collected during my stay here (includes cards sent from msia too!)
my honey, my sleeping buddy.

and you know how everyone has not been blogging as frequently anymore? i was no different. and the one afternoon i have to redeem the impoverished state of my studies ends up here.

how come i can feel happy while feeling guilty?!!

lx, looks like we'll have to start working on my (lack of) time management again.

im thinking cornflakes with milk.

March 26, 2007

the overdue birthday post

teng my april dahling who turns 21 this coming 1st! the girl with the voice of an angel.. you blow all of us away when you sing my dear. will you be celebrating this year? wish i could be there, but know that distance does not break the bond. missing you always, my old volleyball kaki.

jon as known by me. jobo, bones or jb as known by others. the old kid on the block, young but with so much depth. you're someone i know i can trust to be objective in your thoughts and sensible in your actions. well, except maybe in booze cruises and AIESEC parties hehe. I admire your ambitions and hope all goes well! it's been great knowing you jon.

kenny the funny guy. who can forget the pole-dancing extravaganza or hongkie canto of this karaoke fan? you bring cheer to the office all the time. good luck with the projects, im sure you'll do just fine. enjoy yourself along the way too. thank you for dinner at automatic; the Baci cake was the richest i've had everrrr!

yin san cutie pie cum alcho-happy dancing baby. infectious laughter, endless taunts, vanity champ. i love the purple pinafore. opinionated, sensitive, a challenger. only you have the power to discipline me! happy birthday o fellow m2ian.

meldeeee dahling. the sugared chilli peppers who always had the writing mojo. emphatic-wishywashy-bubbly-similar thoughtwaves-kiwiloving-unchained tigerrrr. sorry i could not be there to watch you grow that tiny bit older when you hit 21. i will however, always carry your song in my heart=]

k hong the old heng tai. the one who gets away with the sharpest insults and crudest remarks. the one who always invites us over to his place for gambling seshs, makan, minums and mahjong. we had such good fun wrecking up havoc on the ponteng kaki, now rocking it up in sydney.

lil mich! missed you over summer. sweet date to turn 21, with valentine's just around the corner. explains the personality too=] hope you had a good one, and looking forward to catching up with you soon!

peini with the pearly whites. the joker, the partygoer, the livewire in any room. the ganas paintballer hahah. i have yet to see the ducks at your home! slumber party soon? hugs babe. happy belated birthday!

dahling sush in far away land UK. the woman who cares, shares, laughs and worries. the perfectionist with a taste for for musicals, food and bojangles. the one i havent seen in a long, long while. i miss the good ol days when we had girly brunches/lunches/dinners at your place; think waffles, chocolate brownies, cakes.. now all you do is tempt me with pics of delish pics fom your regular potlucks! keep in touch always babe, mwahhhs.

adrian wants peace in the world. hello young, witty medic student . i want an update! happy belated birthday anyway.

pilot yijin with the cheeky smile. you smuggy! you uncle! fly down to melbourne soon and spend a week here! or better yet, fly me back home soon! =] the old guy with a young heart and a dozen other funny tales to boot. si comel, here's one taken during Christmas.

the usual thorn among the roses. generous, honest and shameless! and that makes you special, because there is always a fair shortage of good people like you. who else can give me tute answers 30mins before it is due to be handed in? thank you, for all the little favours that you have done for me dan. you're my only @ and ICSS kaki; the journey thus far has been way more enjoyable with you around=]

funky dahling
jo. liberal yet domesticated, crazy yet sensible, the goddess of whims makes any dull day a very bright one. i miss you jo, i barely got to spend time with you this summer. ahh, the pains of ldf (long distance friendships). i want you to know that your frankness is so endearing and the little things you do for us girls really keep the love going. you're amazing, and now you have unleashed the magic upon kedah! happy belated 20th, and i pray 2007 will have much in store for you. HUGS.

the younger couz jon jon takes on the big two oh two weeks after me! distinctly unique, this power-packed young man can take on the world in his orange volkswagen and orange shoes. open, frank and endearing, you're always a joy to talk to. i will never forget the childhood memories we had climbing up the grill gates and tearing ech other's hair apart. keep in touch, and keep writing yea?

sweet heids. it's not the best shot, but it is the only one i have with you. proves i need to bring my camera out more often, as if i didnt do it enough already. you're really something heids; that easy smile that breaks others' worries, masking your own. you're a fighter babe. you spur others on just by being yourself, and your selfless ways intrigue me. i hope you had a good one back home, but that doesnt mean you cant have another!=]

smartypants ee ling. who else can so effortlessly deliver flying colours year after year while decked out in sexy gear. the ultimate all-rounder. happy belated dear!

daryl foong. mastermind, manipulator, master of the sarcasm trade. best seen with a drink in hand, and the trustworthy verbal weapon that can squeal delight, impart wisdom and poke fun at the same time. you bring out the best and worst in people with your colourful persona and twisted charm. i've only known you for 2 years but it feels wayy longer, thanks to your amazing friendship. i still owe you a birthday gift. maybe two, if november arrives too soon=]

edit: special ShoutOuts to Pei Ann, Barry, Hui Ni, Chunky, Matt Lim, Nimalan, Jiyang, Pei-Fern, Marcus, Chris Ho, Dens Chan, Bedah, Jiun Jeh, Josh Goh, Sue Zen, Farah Zamzam, Koon Seng, Szu Hsiao and Ameline!

March 06, 2007

the long walk home

was shorter and warmer than i thought it would be with so many things on my mind.

i feel like bitter rocket leaves and sweet spinach piled on with fermented hard-boiled eggs and tangy tuna. while fighting the strong urge to ramble, my mind flutters all over the place like a newly-freed butterfly.

i feel con-ny.
conflicting thoughts, contrasting personalities. consumed by emotions, connected only to the spread of letters under my fingers. contending with myself, endlessly contradicting my values. unfaltering concern, concealed. i must conform.

im thinking..

coffee, as it once again worked its wonders on me today. such a powerful drug; the tiniest of gulps can make my heart race for no reason at all. for all the tension, the warmth pulsing through my body and my cold hands, i blame the infamous long black. my type, definitely.

AIESEC, and how not a day has passes without indulging in it. how the info sessions can be so enlightening when you finally understand the complex but rewarding concept. how marketing the produt can be so challenging, and entertaining at the same time. how the passion in some is indefatigable- indirectly giving you that extra boost to feel the same. strive in the thick of mess.

change, and how a simple word can warrant completely different realms of understanding to different people. from colourful penang to vibrant bangkok to mind-numbing vacation work to unmatchable indulgences during chinese new year, the whirlwind of feelings have finally come to a standstill upon touchdown at melbourne's tullamarine airport. no matter how unfounded, there is rationale behind my actions that maybe only time can explain. one thing slipped though; it has only just hit me that it was the 5th of march yesterday.

unnecessary stress, of untimely reports and mindless work. of draggy meetings, and unending activities. of the same people, but new faces. the safe haven is barely 10 steps away, but i am 5 days behind. how i long for the comfort of those familiar walls that smile a million different smiles at me, and twinkle like stars at night. the words that are read so many times they remain etched in your mind. the inspirational posters, waiting to be hung up for my viewing pleasure.

it has only been a week, but it feels so much longer.

somewhere inside, there is a pipe leaking.

listen to natalie grant- the real me

March 01, 2007

cloudy skies

kl feels like a dream. it's as if summer just flew by in a cloud of holidays, catching ups, internships, home-cooked food and angpaus. like it never actually happened.

it's that time of the month again, where the what ifs chipmunks pop out from the log holes, staring at you with the juxtaposing forlorn eyes and cheeky smile.

when i first saw possums at the flagstaff gardens, i remember thinking they looked like chipmunks.
in fact my brother used to look like a chipmunk.

what if i didnt go back home for the holidays?
would i feel this lost?
what if i did a summer semester here?
would i have scored higher, with less distractions around?
would i be more involved in aiesec?
would i be more equipped with the technical expertise needed to get me through?
would i be more passionate, more optimistic.. more outspoken?
what if i did go home, but came back here a week later?
would i have escaped that fateful day of unfortunate events?
would my room be ready for me?
what would life be if i had grown up here my whole life instead?
would i turn out just like the rest of the ABCs, creamy white rosy complexios, high noses, distint accent?
would i have the same personality?
would i have the same values?

fayelove, i need who moved my cheese too. i hope it has done you some good.
HUGS, everyone.