January 03, 2008

homesong stories

waking up to find myself bathed in familiarity feels surreal.

nothing much has changed, nothing too drastic anyway. the curtains still shoulder the light beautifully, the sheets are in my favourite brown shade, the wardrobe is filled to the brim with clothes, knick knacks, diaries of the past.. and now, more junk brought back from melbourne. every door opened spells years of memories caught in mementos given from the heart.

yet i can't help but notice the subtle differences; things that go unnoticed unless you've been away for awhile. how the yellow tint has started show on the white water dispenser, how rain and shine has aged the teak wood furniture outside, how patches of water leakage are starting to show in the plaster ceiling above me, how the doors seem to have so many more scratches..

chester looks forlorn in his little corner, perking up every now and them to bark for attention. happy russell.. really doesnt seem all that happy anymore. could the lack of eyesight actually be getting to him? my heart breaks for these two. i wish i could see through their eyes, understand their longing, feel their pain.

living out of a suitcase isn't new anymore. time only halts for a breather when im not out catching up with friends, devouring local delicacies or running errands. times like these, when i have to force myself to sit down and reflect. because there are no classes to return to come february, because all the aunties and uncles prod me left right and centre for my future plans. questions im still finding the answers for.. answers that i've been running away from.

im 3 days late, but what have i learnt from the year of 2007?

the jubilant (and sometimes reluctant) graduate me.

more pictures soon.