November 19, 2007

and so it ends

albeit on a sweltering hot note.
where was the heat when i needed it?
flies no more!
buzz no more!

the mental, emotional and physical breakdowns..
with the trustworthy golden bowl rescuers, the flyBong combo
decidedly a blessing or a lesson learnt,
depending on which way you look at it

like you've never eaten before
munch, chomp, shiver with delight,
but mind you, consumed with guilt

breaking the dawn, with the sweat of a pen..
surely, the day will come when i will be one of them
who sashay the swotvac away
alas, a chance no more!

rising to the dreaded alarm..
even though you swore you barely slept 5 minutes ago
fasting on internet, living on V,
thriving on newfound friendships on the table

this is the point of no return..
when sleep beckons, but not taken
at the detriment of the body and soul
but the mind rests yay!

no cobwebs no more isaac?
and yes more procrastination kenny
i think i want a puppy.