April 30, 2007

learning points

the past two weeks have taught me that:

  • silk undies are the ultimate joys of being a woman/ daughter of a woman.
  • unhealthy amount of long blacks, jasmine tea, dark chocolate and peanut butter pizzas can lead to fantasies of savoury food and revolting repercussions.
  • studying corporate finance comes close to reading a storybook if you exclude the calculations. the kind of book you actually want to finish in one night, but not by choice. of course, the midsem test will allocate an entire section to bloody lease payments which you deliberately skipped. trade-off theory: the benefits of (barely) sufficient sleep + a bedtime story offsets the negative mindblock of understanding the mindless calculations.
  • derivative securities. after skimming through 3 lectures, it suddenly hits you that derivatives = derivation = deriving currents from futures. how could that have skipped you right from the start? and isnt it terminally wrong to call them lecture notes if we are expected to copy notes onto our lecture slides in class?
  • disappointment is the fruit of expectations. you dont even realize you expected something until it doesnt happen. give more, expect less. im still learning.
  • moving three girls' garbage into a new home not found yet is harder than originally thought. perfect timing too.
  • animal grooves. forgive the monkey for her love of bananas, the rat for always scrounging the kitchen for food, the mouse for consuming too much cheese for her own good and the pig for looking like one. funny, dad always called me a fox.
  • general knowledge: ignorance or sheer lack of pursuit?
  • promises.. are going to stay unbroken. a promise to make a picnic happen in Flagstaff Gardens will materialize. even if it's only gonna be me, myself, a book and a beach mat.
  • the carrot breakthrough- could my eyesight possibly be deteoriating concurrently with the decreasing consumption of the orange miracle?
  • beer, cakes, pictures, coffee, sun and rain, material gifts.. intangible treasures of a big girl in pigtails and a lollipop in hand. boo the guards/bouncers who kept requesting for ID! showers of love, insults and ramblings from months of separation. nothing comes close to spending time with the two most precious people in your life.
now on to snapping out of the reverie.. hopefully.

April 21, 2007

give me strength

for all the dahlings around the world, i miss you.

April 16, 2007

recent highs

What is your impact?

AIESEC Victoria Statecon 2007. motivation pulsing through every member. pride and ownership over the LC, the region, the organisation. the great debate. capture. leadership & management tips. personal reflection. goal-setting. going international. going intensive (URians, you guys are awesome). discussions, contracts, sugar cubes. the barn, the dining room, the bunks. the party room, mingling seshs, the late night chat till dawn. sleeping bag-deprived, but overflowing with warmth, from inside.

i cannot possibly do justice to a three day rendesvous in the hills of golden valey lodge, stuck with a 100 odd delegates who were either
cross dressers,
frisbee players,
slave drivers,
still in school,
or too attached to get up,

in a measly paragraph. these snapshots of memories, along with a host of line dances, chants and crazy parties live on.

goodbye lush greens, hello go-getter.
admittedly, the end is always the start of something new.

such joy, prancing on the sands of St Kilda, lost in time as we left everything behind in the suffocating city. unburnt scrambled eggs for breakfast, a rarity. freezing in the cold wind, laughing as our hearts sang in light-hearted company . such generosity, the photographers who took numerous pictures for us. such fun, i wanna do it again!

love you girls.

then there was the mornington trip which started on such a bright, bright note..

went a little crazier
more colourful
but a poor sick soul came home, promptly showered and went to bed.

which is what anyone without a voice but facing a volleyball match and a midsem test tomorrow should do anyway.


April 09, 2007

oh no

joshua's weighing scale wasnt lying today..

.. i did indeed put on another kg this week.

soon, i wont be able to fit through the door.