January 17, 2009

here in KL

at Legend Hotel, for my parents' 25th wedding anniversary

it's been awhile.

the year spent in China flew by, and before i knew it, i was whisked away back to the familiarity of home. everything about home reminds me of something.

round-table dinners remind me of my teenage weekend family dinners where we always order too much, which speaks for how we still eat too much today. the traffic lights remind me of the hours we spent getting caught in traffic jams, and how Malaysian drivers have a knack for staring at road accidents. at least i know now that China isnt that much different. the shopping complexes always seem bigger, expanding in height somehow, and there are even more brand names to spoil shopaholics all over. turning into my street, i was reminded of how i used to watch little kids chase each other on their miniature bicycles while walking Chester. that was back when us neighbours still caught up for girly chats during evening walks, when time still passed in opportune steps without the lure of the car or night-outs.

there are more wine-chillers in the house, which means more parties and more toasts to come. but alcohol isnt everything anymore. spending time reading a good book with comfy shorts somehow feels more inviting. one day, im gonna travel around Malaysia and know the cultures and cuisines like the back of my hand, just like how i made Australia and China my second homes once.

there's just something about viewing old things with new eyes.

i still love my bed:)