June 15, 2009

there's a first time for everything

my first sunset

avilion's chalets lacing the sky in Port Dickson

with treasured company, since touching down on malaysian shores. aptly-timed, it was a reward, a welcome and a farewell of sorts for the hardworking hosts of a silver jubilee, a newly-returned china-fied soul and a prospective australian engineer respectively. it was, for the first time in the longest time, the most blissful getaway i could dream of.

my first shot

caught in awe of one Putrajaya bridge

of Putrajaya, where the architectural beauty of many structures lie under-utilised and perhaps, unappreciated. objects of great stature include numerous bridges, government buildings and the almost fairytale-like palace they call a mosque. with a trigger-happy family, we now have many photos to look back on.

my first concert

"we sing. we dance. we steal things"

with the incredibly sexy jason mraz. almost a sauna replicate, the stadium thrived on the heat of a seasoned performer who would have done more justice singing in a cozier set up. while in dire need of more air ventilation, it was a heartwarming 2 hours of cheering, clapping and admitedly, some screaming.

my first touch

new friends finding home on a rubber thong (not mine)

of morib beach, where we made friends with little crabs and miniature snails in soggy sand. originally meant to be a sampling of the infamous 'hat yi kai' (beggar's chicken), it was a pleasant enough walk on the endless sands of low-tide. note to self: pre-book chicken in advance.

my first flight

one of them big bullies before our tiny speedboat ride to labuan jetty

to labuan, where tuaran mee, chocolate and beer became the mainstay of work. a steep learning curve that made for an east-malaysia journey of high expectations and adrenaline. luckily, there was plenty of grub to keep going in an island far from home.

my first drink


to have when in need of a thirst-quencher, considering the tax and duty-free haven. for one month only, we splurged. helps to have some crazy colleagues around to keep you sane:)

my first chick

baby chicks in their wide-eyed innocence

in the jungle-worthy throes of poultry and palm oil in Kulim. accused of smelling like a chicken half the time, the exposure to something beyond your usual sanitation standards was quite an experience. but with so much good cheer in tow, it was a memorable 2 weeks:)

my first real taste

penang bridge caught from the backseat

of penang, complete with sun, sea, sand and (para) sailing. needless to say, the food was up to the mark at any given place or time. for awhile, it was the paragon of healthy living, if you discount the customary oil with every plate of hawker goodness.

my first outdoor jog

the lush greenery at penang's botanical gardens

of the year, after a a long hiatus. in the company of monkeys and do-gooders, the 'run' was a sorry reminder of how today's gyms have elevated the idea of exercising through made-easy machines and feel-good instructors. nothing beats the refreshing au naturel.

my first post
since i started clocking in the hours in the audit line. i've come to realize that many still stereotype auditors as accountants who deal only with numbers, which is so far off the truth. the assumptions people live with these days.. i beg to digress.
so far, so good:D


Anonymous said...

ooh you're liking the audit line then? welcome back btw liss dear! i do miss you. xx Sush

Anonymous said...

you forgot your first zouking event with the girlies!

liss said...

sush, i miss you too. audit's a tumultuous journey, riding the waves now. always wanted to ask u how icaew is going..

eshhther! this post was before the event, hence:D but i had fun hehe. i think it's my first time zouking with you!

delirious86 said...

drop me an email if you wanna know about my course progression etc ;)
having 3 application papers in Sept. my first set of the application ones. pray to God that I will pass...

Dawn Rhythm said...

phew... still manage to locate your blog... not bad for a grandpa huh? why never mention your first love?

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